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At MashiMashi, we believe everyone is creative by nature.

However, social norms hinder people’s creativity.

As such, our mission is to help unleash people’s creativity through design.

We provide different types of human-centered training, workshops and toolkits for people and organizations to unlock and discover their creative potentials.

This is 増し増し Brainstorming tool for AI services. It helps your team come out with various of ideas.

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Our Services

Design Thinking Bootcamp

- Design Thinking Bootcamp

- Human-Centered Training

- Innovation

- Hands-On Workshop

- Empathy

- Brainstorming

- Prototyping

Design Sprint

- Problem Framing and Solving

- Innovation

- Team Work

- Agile UX

- Customer-Centered

- Actionable Prototype

Business Research

- User Research

- Trend Research

- Business Analysis